Jeff Mesnil
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I am employed by Red Hat as a Senior Software Engineer.

Currently, I am working for JBoss, Red Hat's middleware division, on the WildFly and JBoss EAP application servers. I am a member of the core team in charge of developing the internals of the application servers and lead its messaging subsystem (which provides the JMS API).

Previously, I also contributed to the HornetQ messaging broker that was integrated into WildFly and EAP.

I am a proponent of Open Source development and all the code I write either professionally or privately is available under Open Source licenses. These days, it is mostly hosted on GitHub.

I have a keen interest on messaging systems and wrote several Open Source libraries related to messaging:

  • stomp.js, a JavaScript client for STOMP (for Web browsers and node.js applications)
  • StompKit, an Objective-C client for STOMP
  • MQTTKit, an Objective-C client for MQTT

I am available to speak at conferences and JUGs about WildFly, messaging and software development.