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Adam Bosworth moves to Google

July 25, 2004

Another big coup for Google after Joshua Bloch...

I had the opportunity to meet Adam Bosworth at HPTS'03 and the man has clearly a vision for the future and he's one of the real innovators of the software industry.

It seemed to me that BEA was not the right company for him: he's done most of his work on the client side (Access, Explorer, even Workshop) and the core business of BEA remains on the server side (with Weblogic Server). I was reading with interest his weblog and his toughts on mobile computing (what about his Project Alchemy now?).

He is a key acquisition for Google: Google has huge resources on the server side which could help realize a push based, event driven Internet that Adam's advocating. Besides, now that Google is moving nearer to the user space (on the web with Gmail and Blogger, on the desktop with Picasa and a future local search engine) they will benefit a lot from Adam's experience and vision.

Google is adding a lot of "names" before the IPO. It may be for the HR and the buzz generated by such hirings but they can't be wrong by taking Adam Bosworth and Joshua Bloch...