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JOTM 2.0.3 released - TCK + Recovery

February 21, 2005

It has not made to the headlines but this is a significant achievement.

JOTM is an Open Source (BSD-licensed) implementation of the JTA and JTS API to provide transaction management in Java/J2EE applications (I lead this project for some time but eventually passed the lead to David Egolf due to other job commitments).

This release was used by the J2EE server JOnAS to pass the J2EE TCK. It also includes a recovery log based on the HOWL project.

I believe it is a great step for Open Source J2EE applications for several reasons:

  • As far as I know, it is the first implementation of an Open Source transaction manager which supports recovery (there is some work on that in JBoss JTA and nothing for Tyrex)
  • the HOWL project is the result of the collaboration between the ObjectWeb and Apache communities. Coopetition is a Good Thing
  • There is a good opportunity for JOTM to be used as the default transaction manager in Geronimo

Congratulations to the JOTM and HOWL teams. Keep up the good work!