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jmx4r moved to git

April 10, 2008

I use Subversion for my daily work (and CVS before that) but I've never used a distributed VCS before. One of my ex-colleagues, Marc, explained to me all the advantages of these systems but I never took the time to play with them.
With all the increasing noise about Git and Mercurial, I'm now curious to learn more about it.

Since I learn better by practicing, I moved one of my little projects, jmx4r, from Subversion to Git and hosted it on GitHub.

I don't use jmx4r at the moment and I don't plan to develop it more (less features is the new black). However, if you have requests for a new feature or enhancement (or bugs), do not hesitate to fill an issue on the tracker.
Or better, clone the Git project:

git clone git://

and start hacking it!

P.S.: With the recent release of JRuby 1.1, I also checked that the latest version of jmx4r had no regression.
Congratulation to the JRuby team for the performance boost since version 1.0!