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Apple Extends NDA to Rejection Letters

September 23, 2008

[Update: thumbs up to Apple for listening and dropping the NDA]

Learning that Apple extends NDA to rejection letters on the same day that the first phone with Google Android is launched sends a bad message to developers hesitating between the two platforms.

PC Vs Mac circa 1990, all over again? We know how it ended for Apple.

When I think about it, there is more lessons to learn from the Macintosh than the iPod to know what lies ahead of the iPhone. Apple needs developers to make a long term success of the iPhone. They provide a good SDK to create applications and the platform is really good. However, it they continue to prevent open communication (through the SDK NDA) and reject applications without a well-defined policy, they will scare a lot of developers from building on this platform and send them into Android's arms.