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jmx4r 0.1.3 Is Released

November 20, 2010

jmx4r 0.1.3 has just been released (jmx4r is a JRuby library which makes it super easy to write simple Ruby scripts to manage Java & JRuby applications using JMX).

There is a single new feature on this release:

  • JMX CompositeData attributes can now be accessed as Ruby attributes.

Before, to access the committed attribute of the heap_memory composite data, you needed to write:


  # or


while now, you can simply do:


You write the attribute like a normal snake_cased attribute and jmx4r will automatically retrieve the corresponding CamelCased attribute from the composite data.

Thanks to Dominique Broeglin who contributed this enhancement.

When I pushed the new gem on, I also noticed that the RDoc is automatically published to and looks much better that the old version that I was pushing to Rubyforge.

As usual, to get this new release, just update the rubygem:

jruby -S gem install jmx4r

and do not hesitate to contribute:

git clone git://