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Kodak Junior 620

July 10, 2011

While talking about photography with my father, he told me that he still had an "old" camera from my grandfather and, lo and behold!, he showed me a folding camera: the Kodak Junior 620.

Kodak Junior 620
My grandfather's Kodak Junior 620

I have not found a serial number and I don't know exactly which series it is but Kodak Junior 620 cameras were manufactured between 1935 and 1939 (depending on the series).

My grandfather's model has a Kodak Anastigmat f/7.7 lens and the shutter speeds are 1/25, 1/75, T, and B. The camera is in pretty good shape (except for a bit of leather skin that I need to glue) and if I buy a 620 film roll, I could shoot like my grandfather did when he got it.
I even found its user manual to use it properly (I have never owned a camera with roll film).

What a family treasure to discover!