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Using SockJS with Stomp Over Web Sockets

June 5, 2012

Recently RabbitMQ announced that is was exposing STOMP through Web Sockets and showed an example using my stomp-websocket JavaScript library.

They leveraged a hack in the library to replace the Web browser WebSocket implementation by the one provided by the SockJS library which falls back to a variety of browser-specific transport protocols if the browser does not suppor the Web Socket protocol.

Originally introduced to test the stomp-websocket library, it defined a WebSocketStompMock global variable that was replacing the Web browser WebSocket class by a mock. This was not meant to be used on the client side and is a bit dirty for that (as it pollutes the global namespace).

An user reported that this hack was no longer working on recent commits.

I fixed it and introduced a cleaner way to switch the WebSocket implementation to use by setting the Stomp.WebSocketClass variable instead.

With the most recent version, Web browsers can now leverage the SockJS libary with stomp-websocket using the following code:

Stomp.WebSocketClass = SockJS;
// same as usual
var client = Stomp.client(url)

Web Sockets for everyone!