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⇨ Flickr Is Back

February 9, 2013

I like Flickr and used it extensively a few years ago, paying for its unlimited storage and full resolution uploads. However, it stagnated and I left it (like many).

But something funny happened. Our photography needs are growing ever more complex — what do we do with all these high-resolution photos we’ve snapped?

These days, I store my images in a Amazon S3 bucket. To display retina-ready responsive images on my website, I need 8 JPEG files of the same image at various resolutions. This is something that Flickr had from day one: for every uploaded photo, it provides many files at different resolution (and cropping).

This is a great service that Flick could provide: you upload one photo and Flickr provides all the wizardry (JPEG files, JavaScript + CSS, CDN to reduce the latency) to embed a retina-ready responsive image that adapts from the tiniest of the mobile phone to the largest display monitor.

I am sure many enthusiast photographers would pay for such a service (and full resolution upload, unlimited storage, analytics, etc. that they already provide).

It's great that Yahoo! is investing on Flickr and I will be happy to see it rise again at the top of the photo websites.